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How to activate Transcy Switcher on your store through Theme Editor

At the moment we've successfully made all app functions and Switcher working perfectly and smoothly on all recent Online Shopify themes (OS).

According to Shopify policy, all front-end features (including Switcher) must be activated in the settings of your current theme.

Thus, to activate Switcher on store-front, you need to enable Transcy app embed block in Theme Editor.

Please kindly check and make sure you already opt for showing switcher with Only admin mode (only show for store admin) or Everyone mode (show to all visitors)

So the article below will help you understand how App embed blocks configured in Theme Editor setting in order to activate Transcy Switcher on your store-front.


What is the App embed blocks?
How to activate Transcy switcher embed block

What is the App embed blocks?

App embed blocks (which are a part of Shopify theme app extensions) let you add app functionality into your theme. For example, app embed blocks can be product reviews, prices, ratings, or interactive 3D models of products. You can add, remove, preview, reposition, and customize app blocks through the Shopify theme editor.

To make Transcy Switchers visible for your customers:

From Switcher menu in-app, please follow the instruction there to activate the switcher, press the deep link attached inside the instruction to direct to Theme Editor in Shopify admin, the Transcy App embed toggle is already enabled so then you just hit Save button to complete.

You can directly enable Transcy App embed block in Theme Editor to make the switcher activated like below:

How to activate Transcy switcher embed block

You can follow the steps below to activate Switcher on your store quickly if you're working on Desktop or just have a smartphone in hand.


From your Shopify admin >> go to Online Store >> Themes

Find the theme that you want to edit, and then click Customize

Click tab App embeds

Switch on the toggle to activate

Click Save


From the Shopify app, tap Store.

In the Sales channels section, tap Online Store

Tap Manage themes

Find the theme that you want, tap Customize

Click the App embeds tab

Switch on the toggle to activate.

Click Save


You're working from Shopify admin on desktop, you can switch the toggle on to activate Transcy app embeds and let your customers see the Transcy switcher on your store-front.

Lastly, please remember to check mode status (Only admin/Everyone) in app to make sure that who visitors will be able to see your switcher on store-front.

Just do the same steps as above on each device (Desktop/Mobile) → Switch off the toggle → Click Save


When you uninstall Transcy, the app embed block associated with Transcy will be automatically and entirely removed from online store themes.

For further management or customization for your switcher, please kindly go back to the Switcher setting in-app. Click here to learn more.


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Updated on: 12/04/2024

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