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How to extend your resource limit

The article below might help you understand the resource limit and how to extend it


What is extend resource limit
How to extend resource limit

From now on, besides plans (Basic, Growth, Premium, Enterprise) with original prices, you can extend your limit to get a specific custom plan/price if you might have reached the function limit or want more resource quota to meet the unique needs of your store using functions (Translate Product by machine, Auto update translation, Replace image, Glossary)

Based on 3 original pricing plans (Basic, Growth, Premium) of each subscription type (Monthly and Yearly), we provide you the extra pricing table when extending the limit in details below

Please kindly have a read on this article or check Pricing page in-app for more details about function limits on per plan to compare and consider which extra package suits with your store needs.

Extend limit to translate by machine

Extend limit to auto update translation

Extend limit to replace image

Extend rule quota to add Glossary

NOTE: the 1st row on each table is the resource quota (number of products/ pages/ rules) that you can buy more for each function. The blank column/row that means there is no extra package supported.

- Please be advised that you can check your current plan limit and usage quota for each function in Transcy Wallets table in Account information page, then consider your actual store needs to get a best custom plan. From Transcy wallets, you can hit Scale up your quota button on each function to buy more resource and subscribe a custom plan. Or you can press "Extend limit" button on current plan on Pricing page to buy more resource quota directly.

- Notice that after pressing Scale up your quota button, you will need to fill the neccesary resource number that you want to buy more quota based on our extra pricing table above, hit Renew subscription then you will be directed to Shopify page to confirm and approve your official charge for the created custom plan.


Total charge = your current original plan price + total additional price you buy more resource quota

- As the example illustration above, you can see your current Premium plan ($59.9/month), after choosing buy more resource with total extra price ($7.9 + $1 + $1 + $17.9), the total price that you need to pay would equal to $87.7

- After approving the charge successfully, you can use the resource quota already bought immediately in your custom plan (only applicable on the same subscription type). Also, new resource quota will be updated accordingly to Transcy wallets. Your custom plan is considered as a normal pricing plan with a recurring charge (monthly/yearly) and included in your Shopify bill.

While you test out the app witthin 7 days trial, you can choose buy more resource to get a custom plan, after the trial ends, you will officially start the billing cycle and get charged with the price of custom plan.

- You can switch to original plans to continue using the app, but please notice that when downgrading plan, your charge will follow the same rule mentioned in this article like downgrading plan from a more expensive charge to a less expensive charge. And, all app function limitation will follow according to the changed plan limit, click here to learn more.

Hope this will help you a lot.

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Updated on: 12/04/2024

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