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How to show Country name on Switcher and Switcher disclosure

In the latest version, we're happy to bring out a brand-new switcher style called Modern style which is designed to make switcher appearance is consistent and compatible with Geolocation function and Shopify market.

With Modern style, you all can easily to select one of prepared sample templates or customize on it to make your own switcher template. For more reference about setting up switcher, please click here to learn more.

Below is an example for the template in Modern style

From the picture above, you can see Country name on switcher and the place Change country inside switcher. For more details about Country name and the place to Change country, please kindly read relevant articles to Geolocation function and Shopify market mentioned above.

To show or hide this Country element on switcher, please go to Switcher menu --> Customization tab --> Switcher sub-tab --> Display --> Open dropdown list in [Element to show]

Check if you have ticked or unticked Location in [Element to show] option

To show or hide Country name and the place Change county inside switcher disclosure, please switch to General tab --> Geolocation --> Auto switch language

Check if you have ticked [Location selector in switcher] option

Also, you can adjust properties and customize other elements on switcher in Customization tab in Switcher menu.

Hope this information is helpful for you.

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Updated on: 12/04/2024

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