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How to support multiple currency checkout with Transcy

Not like other normal pages such as the product page, homepage, cart page; the target currency is only converted at the checkout page for merchants who are using Shopify Payments. Otherwise, it will revert back to store default currency at the checkout page.

Kindly have a read on this article for more information about how to set up Shopify payment.

Simply, you need to use Shopify Payment, you already added desired target currencies into our app and set up Shopify Markets feature. Through setting up Shopify Markets properly, it will automatically convert your default prices to international currencies and rounds them up based on the latest foreign exchange rates of Shopify system.

That means if Shopify Payment is enabled in your store and you have set up Shopify Market, then your clients could checkout with supported target currencies.

From Shopify admin >> Settings >> Payment settings >> you will see available payment methods/providers supported in Shopify including Shopify payment. Click Manage button for further setup or please contact Shopify support for more details.

Please be advised that Shopify Payments is available only to stores in certain countries.

Kindly go ahead to Shopify admin >> Settings >> Markets >> check and set up default currency (exchange rate, currency format, price adjustment) for each market as you want.

Click here to learn more about how to set up local currency for a single-country market and a multiple-country market with Shopify Market.

Example: a single-country market

Example: a multiple-country market

NOTE: Please be advised that once you use Shopify Payment and Shopify Market, currency format, exchange rate and local currency at checkout page would be managed directly by Shopify system. So for more concerns related to setting up or currency format adjustment, please kindly contact Shopify support for better advice and support.

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Updated on: 11/04/2024

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