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Trancy Referral Program

Introducing our exciting new Referral Program, designed to help you expand your reach and boost your sales. It's easier than ever to bring in new customers and earn attractive commissions for your efforts!


How It Works
How to with draw the commission
How to track referral information

How It Works

Share Your Referral Link: Access your unique referral link by going Account on the menu side => Credit. This link is specifically designed to install the referral store on your potential customers' devices

Spread the Word: Share your referral link with friends, family, and your online network

Please be advised that your referral link will be valid within 30 minutes. In other words, your referral store needs to install the app via the referral link within 30 minutes, if they install after 30 minutes, the commission will not be counted

Earn Commissions: For every successful referral who installs your referral store, you'll earn a commission based on the plan they choose:

Basic Plan: $3.57 per referral
Growth Plan: $8.97 per referral
Premium Plan: $17.97 per referral
Enterprise Plan: $179.7 per referral

Commission amount are subject to change. We will keep you updated on any adjustments through this article

How to withdraw the commission

- Please press the button "Withdraw" and confirm your withdraw amount


- There're common errors regarding to withdraw amount as following:

Negative Amount: please enter a positive amount instead
Insufficient Funds: the amount you entered exceeds your available balance
Invalid Decimal Format: please enter an amount with a maximum of two decimal places, such as $2.45

How to track referral information

1. Referral metrics

By tracking key data points, you can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your program and optimize it for maximum impact

- Clicks: Number of clicks generated by your referral links.
- Conversion rate: Number of users from your referrals.
- Installs: Number of installs from your referrals.
- Paid installs: Number of paid users from your referrals

2. Track logs

Stay informed about your referral efforts with detailed tracking logs accessible in your "Track logs". You can easily see who has installed your referral store, the plan they've chosen, and your earnings

- Billing & Invoices: showing your recurring or onetime application fee if any

- Transactions: showing your withdraw information including date, time and status

- Referrals: showing information about referral stores with the corresponding withdraw amount including store name, installing time, current plan and earning's status


For Earning's status

- SUCCESSFUL: referral stores has the status CHARGED after 30 days since the beginning of installing time. For example, your referral store is installed on July 3 2024 and the store still uses the app till August 2 2024, you will get the commission on August 2 2024

+ Referral store is under ON TRIAL status
+ Referral store has the status CHARGE under 30 days since the beginning of installing time
+ Referral store has the status CHARGE ERRORS

- FAILED: referral stores has the status CLOSED and UNINSTALL

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 05/07/2024

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