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WordPress - What happen if my payment charge fails?

At the moment, we are using PayPal payment system. So all charges are direct processed automatically via this system.

According to PayPal system states that "When you create a plan, you set the regular period billing cycle duration. A plan’s billing cycle defines the recurring frequency with which the subscriber is charged." So with our plugin, a paid plan (Starter plan) with a monthly billing cycle charges the subscriber on a recurring frequency of one month.

As usual, a recurring charge on monthly billing cycle (a billing cycle with 30 days) will be auto issued on PayPal system for a paid plan user. So please kindly check your balance in PayPal account usually to make sure your plugin experience smoothly and seamlessly. If your payment charge fails when it's on due, there will be some situations occured:

The user can continue using the plugin until PayPal canceled subscription:

Remain the current plan of the user
Show a notification banner in plugin and in WordPress admin with the content "Subscription payment failed. Please address the problem with your PayPal account promptly. You will continue using Transcy while PayPal makes multiple atempts to process payment until ...(date)" to notice the user about the payment failure. The notification banner will disappear once the user has processed charge successfully and use the plugin normally.

NOTE: Please be advised the date mentioned on the notification banner is the last day you can continue using the plugin while waiting your payment is on the reattempt process. (the date = date of starting the recurring billing cycle + 8 days for the user try to reattempt the failed recurring payment according to PayPal policy).

Below is an example for the Reattempt failed recurring payment according to PayPal policy:

After PayPal canceled subscription

According to PayPal process, they allow the user to reattempt failed recurring charge 2 times (total 8 days). If the second reattempt fails, PayPal cancels the subscription.

In this case, the user can't continue using the plugin and all functions including the Switcher will be deactivated (e.g. Switcher is disable/invisible on store-front)
Block entire plugin in Transcy separated interface and plugin inside WordPress admin until the user renew the subscription and approve charge successfully.

NOTE: The user can tap the Back button (arrow icon) to choose another plan on pricing page

To understand more cases can happen if you uninstall the plugin then reinstall or upgrade/downgrade plan, please refer to these articles below:

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How will I be charged if I do upgrade/downgrade from Free to Starter plan in Transcy plugin?

Hope this is helpful for you.

Should you have any other concern, feel free to contact our Support team via our live chat channel by clicking on the bottom right icon inside app, or our email at

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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