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Wordpress - What is Transcy plugin?

Transcy is a plugin built on WordPress site that can help you launch website in multiple languages and convert price into any target currencies as long as your site using Woocommerce.


Install the plugin
Onboarding wizard
Set up language
Set up currency (optional)
Set up switcher

1. Install the plugin:

Make sure you already have a website/store domain on Wordpress
Login your site in Wordpress dashboard => Plugins menu => Add New => type Transcy on Search bar
Click on Install now button on Transcy plugin => then click Activate
Under Plugins menu => Transcy => Settings => you'll be directed to Transcy Home in WordPress and simply you've done installing the plugin.

- OR you can download Transcy plugin on website

- Then go back to your Wordpress dashboard => Plugins menu => Add New => click Upload Plugins => upload the Transcy plugin zip. file that you already downloaded. After that, do the same steps above

- Successfully get the plugin installed in Wordpress admin.

2. Onboarding wizard

After that, you'll be on Onboarding wizard to get the plugin set up. Please be advised that the Onboarding tour just show you basic steps, after ending the journey, you can continue setting other functions in details.

Firstly, let's add target languages

You can add up 4 target languages first on our Onboarding tour, then continue adding more target languages later.

Hit Continue button after adding target language or just click Skip this step if you just want to ignore this step then move on the next step.

Secondly, continue adding target currencies.

Please notice that your store has installed Woocommerce already.

You can add up 5 target currencies first, then continue adding more later.

Lastly, move on the last step to set up Switcher on storefront so all visitors can use the Switcher to change the language and see their prefered language translation on website.

On Onboarding tour, you can set up the position to display Switcher on storefront first, for further customization settings, you can continue setting up later so no worries.

At the end of the Step 3, you can press Preview switcher on site to see the result after done setup, or just go back to our Dashboard for further actions.

3. Set up language

- After you have done basic steps to set up the plugin on Onboarding wizard successfully, let's start setting language translation on your website as this article so all your customers can see the target language translation on store-front.

We provide 2 separated operations to manage the plugin, all settings to manage Language, Currency, Switcher, Translation will be handled directly in our separated plugin web at Once you hit any menu in Transcy plugin in WordPress admin, it'll be directed to our separated plugin web at to do further action and manage related settings.

4. Set up currency

- If your store is using Woocommerce, a customizable, open-source ecommerce platform built on WordPress to manage your shipping, products, etc, you can sell products in multiple target currencies and manage currency in plugin easily, click here to learn more.

5. Set up switcher

- After managing target languages and currencies (if any), go to Switcher menu to activate the Switcher in order to show target languages translation on website.

- For more information, you can find here.

- As a result, your store can be shown to the world in multiple languages when switching target languages on Switcher

Hope this helps.

If you need any further helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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