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How to use Glossary feature

In this article, you will find how to exclude word(s) such as brand name, navigation on menu bar, etc to be never translated or always translated in a custom way which is called Glossary feature.

The rules added to the Glossary allows translating some words in a specific way so that helps you a lot in managing your translation.


How to use Glossary feature


- Only available at least GROWTH plan and applicable for Editable language type.

- GROWTH: able to add 100 rules

- PREMIUM: able to add 500 rules

- ENTERPRISE: unlimited rules

- Besides above available plans, you can choose to extend resource limit to get a custom plan that fits your specific needs.

Please be advised that this is function to set up Settings to DEFINE never translate or translate a specific text(s) in a custom way. After setting, to make Glossary rule work, you need to click Translate button on those texts/contents in Manage translation as usual process to make the rule applied.

- When downgrading plan, rules will be inactive in Glossary and the function will be limited according to per plan.
- Exporting glossary rule is currently unavailable.

How to use Glossary feature

First, go to Translation >> Manage Glossary

Click on "Add new rule"

Select the type of rule you want to apply to your translations: Never translate or Always translate.

Enter text (default word) that you want to set rule

Select target language if you want the rule to be applied to all the language or just for a specific one

Select resource (product/collection/etc) to apply the rule

Check on "Use the same translation for all selected languages" if you want to apply the rule for all those languages or Uncheck if you want to custom in a specific way for each language.

Click on the "Save" button


- Publish: Save your glossary changes without applying any rules.

- Publish & Apply Rule: Save your glossary changes and apply the rules to match keywords exactly, including case sensitivity.


(*) Please be sure you're on available plan (Growth or Premium plan) to grab this function and the Glossary only apply for Editable language type which contents are in Manage Content.

(*) Texts applied in Glossary will be always translated correctly corresponding to the contents defined in rules.

(*) Can’t create many rules with the same default word in the same language and resource page. If the app detects the duplicates, it’ll pop a message to alert.

(*) In case you delete any target language then the rule with that specific target language will be deleted as well.

(*) In this basic version, the function does not detect special characters such as ' ! # etc yet, we're still on progress to improve this point.

(*) Please make sure your words do not reach the character limit, "Maximum of 60 character allowed"

- After adding a rule, you can edit that rule with under Action or you can edit multi-rules at once

Instead of Delete the rule, you can deactivate the rule temporarily so your new translation won't be affected

Case sensitive

If you tick the 'Case-sensitive' option, the app will not make the difference between uppercase and lowercase characters in the content (Text field)


CASE-SENSITIVE ON: The rule will be applied only to the exact word 'Orange', that is distinguished between uppercase and lowercase characters

CASE-SENSITIVE OFF: The rule will be applied to the words 'Orange', 'orange', 'ORANGE' or 'oRangE' etc


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Updated on: 17/07/2024

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