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Refund Policy for Human Translate Service Conditions to apply for a refund

With any job, there is always a chance when it will not turn out as expected. In case you are unhappy with and/or concerned about the results of your request, we highly appreciate your assistance in order to identify if there was a miscommunication and explain to our Customer Support (CS) agent how the completed work did not meet your expectations. We assume that you have fully understood what we described about our service in our FAQs.

In the worst situation, if the discussion doesn’t resolve the issue, then you can discuss the potential of a refund with our CS agent. Please help to make sure to read below statements carefully to understand clearly when you are eligible to request a refund.

You should contact us via our live chat, or our email to describe your problem(s). We DO NOT guarantee that your refund request will be accepted, because each app has its own policy.

The scope of work is based on the Support Policy (information above). All processes must follow the Support Policy in order to get the final confirmation from both sides.

During the progress of supporting, you have to understand all standards and the Abuse rules (see our Support Policy).

The customer wants to cancel the ticket that hasn't been processed. We will issue refund full amount of the ticket that hasn't been translated.

The full refund will be issued if the delivered translation has more than 10% errors. If you can indicate the error in translation after 2 revisions is more than 10% of the whole translation, you will be refunded 100% of the ticket amount.

Note: the percentage of error will be calculated by the number or wrong translated words per the number of requested words. For example, if you submit a Translate ticket to translate 1,000 words and after 2 revisions, the number of wrong translated words is more than 100 words, you will get a full refund of this ticket.

You did NOT contact the support team for help within 7 days from the finished date.

You can not prove that our translatation are wrong more than 10% of the whole content.

You express your behaviors in some ways of showing an intention to cause a threat to OneCommerce.

You express your behaviors in some ways of threatening the Support Team.

OneCommerce reserves the right to refuse refunds if ANY efforts of refund policy abuse are detected.

When you are eligible to get a refund, please take a screenshot of your bill and send it to our Customer Support team via live chat, or send an email to in order to ask for a refund, and you should receive a reply within or the next working day.

Our Customer Support team will send a request to the Shopify Billing team in order to refund money back to your bank account. Upon the Shopify process, it can take up to 10 days, and you can contact the Shopify support team in case of any delay.

Should you have any further concern, please kindly contact us via live chat or email

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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