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How to add currency in Transcy

On this article, we guide you how to add and manage currency in details


- How to add currency
- How to manage currency on store font

How to add currency

- Click on Localization => Select a specific market >> Add currency >> Select your needed currency >> Add to all markets if you want to assign it for the rest of markets

How to manage currency on store font

- After adding language correctly, you need to publish the target currency or manage related settings in order to display it well on store

- Please go Localization => Currency tab

In Currency tab, at the beginning, you need to set up currency code in order to make all currency configuration worked properly and able to convert price on your store from default currency to target currency, check out here for more details.

After setting code completely, you can publish target currency on switcher and do the customization including currency format and edit exchange rate, check out here to learn more how to customize the currency display on switcher.

You can do actions like Publish/Unpublish, Remove target currencies

Similarly, in case you unpublish or remove the default market currency of specific markets, you cannot unpublish/remove default market currency in the app but can only change default market currency directly from Shopify. Learn more here.

Last but not least, please ensure that Transcy switcher is also set up so vistors can see the target language translation and converted price in target currency by changing language/currency on switcher.

In case you're using Shopify market and Shopify payment, please kindly have a read on this article for more better understanding to convert target currency at the checkout page.

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Updated on: 14/06/2024

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