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How to set up currency code on Shopify?

After installing Transcy, to use currency in the app, you need to set up currency code as the following steps:


Localization menu --> tap Manage button to open Language and Currency settings

You will see a tour guide opened which will guide you through step-by-step in details to set up code.

Following steps are just an EXAMPLE flow to set up currency format code in order to make your currencies work with Transcy. The code might vary due to different themes, so just follow the guide in the app properly to set up the right code

Go to Settings in Shopify admin.

Go to Store details > scroll down to Store currency --> click on Change formatting.

Replace the current code in HTML with currency section with the code (Step 3) on the instruction (this code is just an example and it will be different depending on specific themes so please follow the instruction in the app):

Replace the current code in HTML without currency section with the code (Step 4) on the instruction

Save your settings

After that, get back to the app and click on Verify settings OR reload the page

Done setup, everything is ready

In case you change your Default currency in Shopify, the Set up Currency formatting guide will be shown up in-app and you will have to set up new Currency code according to the guide.

For example:

I change default currency from USD to EUR in Shopify, then I will see this notification popup in app to set up the Currency code again.

After setting up code successfully, you can refer to related articles below to manage currency on store.


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Updated on: 11/04/2024

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