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How to add language in Transcy

On this article, we guide you how to add and manage language in details


- How to add language
- How to manage language on store font

How to add language

- Click on Localization => Select a specific market >> tap Add languages button >> Add languages >> Select your needed language >> Add to all markets if you want to assign it for the rest of markets

By default, selected target languages are defined as Non-editable language type. But please note that only "Editable language" type is configurable with Shopify Market, so please double check your target language type to consider switching to Editable language (please take a look how to do it on "How to manage language on store font" below or upgrading to a higher plan if Editable language are not available in your current plan.

How to manage language on store font

- After adding language correctly, you need to publish the target language or manage related settings in order to display target language well on store.

1. How to publish, switch the language type

- Please go Localization => Language tab

- In Language tab, it's showing all added target languages, just turn ON the button to publish target language

- Also you can switch the language type from Non-editable to Editable and vice versa

- Beside that, you can do actions like Remove, Enable/Disable by clicking on a specific language or bulk select many languages at once, there will be an action list like this.

In case you choose to unpublish or remove a language which is the default language of some markets, please kindly go to Shopify market do this action directly. More details, please check out here.

2. How to customize its appearance

- Hover on a specific target language --> Pencil button --> you can customize Language name (English name, Short name, Native name) and flags as your wish for each target language, click here to learn more.


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Updated on: 14/06/2024

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