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Understand language and unsupported language


- What is default language
- How to handle because of unsupported language


- Definition

In Localization menu, you will see Store's default language name, that is the language you set for your store on Shopify. Your visitors will see this language if their preferred language isn't available. Transcy will use this language as the first language to translate to other target languages. More details about the target language, please click here


A. Unsupported Default language

In some cases, you might want to change your store default language because of unsupported language

Case 1. Change default language on Market setting

Just simply go to Shopify admin --> Settings --> Languages --> the Store languages settings -> Click on the button Change default --> Select the language you want to change to and click Save button.

Case 2. Still want to keep unsupported default language

In case you do not want to change default language, your target language should be in Editable language type so that you can translate or edit your translation by yourself. If your language type is Non-editable language, please switch to Editable language type, please refer to this article to do it

B. Unsupported Target language

In case your default language is supported but your target language is unsupported

Case 1: Your target language is not supported for AI translation => Cannot switch to Non-editable language type

=> Please switch this language type to Editable language and edit its translation manually

Case 2: Your target language is not supported by Shopify => Cannot switch to Editable language type

=> Please switch this language type to Non-editable language for automatic translation, but you cannot edit its translation manually

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Updated on: 08/07/2024

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