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How to set or edit the Exchange rate by myself

In Localization menu, tap Manage button to open Language and Currency settings, besides adjusting currency format, rounding rule, you can edit the exchange rate of target currency by yourself.

In Language and Currency settings, switch to Currency tab, it will show the list of all added target currencies, you can adjust exchange rate of each target currency by hovering on a specific target currency then tap Pencil icon button, it will show an expanded table then you can select the exchange rate option that you want.

We provide 2 options for the exchange rate: Auto exchange rate which use Transcy's service from a 3rd-party provider and Manual exchange rate which you can configure exchange rate by yourself.

To edit the exchange rate manually, tick on Manual option --> Enter exchange rate that you want into input field --> Save


When you reset to default, it will reset all settings to default setting of Transcy and use Auto exchange rate of Transcy's service.

Auto exchange rate is updated daily according to this system based on GMT+7

Please advise that you can't change exchange rate and auto rounding rule of default currency.

For reference, Transcy use USD as ideal exchange rate unit to compare to target currencies. So you cannot edit the exchange rate of USD manually.


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Updated on: 11/04/2024

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