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How to replace image on Other pages

Similarly to product page and collection page, with Replace image function, you can replace banner image on homepage as well as other pages easily by doing some steps to have local image versions for target languages. Then your customers can switch to target language on Switcher to see the corresponding replaced image on each target language version.


How to set up Replace image for Other pages


This feature is only available from Premium plan and only applied for Editable language.

Please follow the limitation on the number of page added to replace image:

PREMIUM: replace image for 100 Products pages, 100 Collection pages and 100 images from Other resources

ENTERPRISE: unlimited pages for each resource

CUSTOM: you can buy more resource quota to get a custom plan that fits your specific needs. Please check out here for more details.

The Replace image for Other pages which is to replace image for default images such as banner on homepage.

You can find these default images in Shopify admin >> Content >> Files

NOTE: Images from Other pages are synced directly from Shopify Files so the number of pages in-app depends on data on Shopify system.

How to set up Replace image for Other pages

Please follow those steps to replace image for contents in Other pages:

Go to Translation menu --> Replace Image --> Localize images --> choose Others

+ Default image: images are already on default language version in Shopify store.

+ Image replacements: images are not available from your Shopify store so you have to prepare them in your library (images in desktop or image links), and use these images to upload to our app in order to have their local versions in target languages.

Select available image (e.g. banner on Homepage) that you want to replace image in the dropdown list in-app. You can find image on Search bar easily then add them to Replace image list.

In case you still have not found any source yet, please click on Sync from Shopify button.

Choose (Target) language that you want to replace image --> copy and paste your replacing image link into this tab OR click on Browse file to upload images in your local library --> then click on Save button.

Publish the selected image to show its replaced images in target languages on store-front

Repeat above steps again for other images.

Select the target language on Switcher --> View the result


You can activate/deactivate any specific image or bulk activate/deactivate/remove any image and its replacement in Other pages. At default, after adding sources, its status will be Unpublish, you need to publish to see the replaced image on your website.


When you unpublish a specific added page (Product/Collection/Other page) in list, replacement images won't be shown up on target language version on your website but it's still saved in our database and only completely deleted if you remove that replaced image in-app.

You can only publish replaced image according to your plan limitation. For instance, you're in Premium plan, you can add up to 100 images from other resources/pages to Replace image list, so you can only publish the replaced image based on this limit. If you reach the limit, you can't add/publish more. In this case, we recommend you should upgrade to a higher plan or buy more resource quota to unblock more.


You have reached the limit in Premium plan so can't add more page to replace image.

You have reached the limit in Premium plan so can't publish more page to show up Replaced images.

In case, you downgrade plan, it will follow the downgraded plan limit. All replaced images ​​will switch back to Unpublish status, you need to republish themselves according to the limit of your new plan. Please check out here for more details.

To zoom in and view full image, you could click on default images or replaced images then click on "X" to turn off

Allowed image formats to upload: jpeg, gif, and png (Maximum 10MB)


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Updated on: 17/07/2024

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