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What is "Replace image" and how to make it work?

Transcy not only help to translate all text contents on all pages easily but also support to convert image on your website swiftly with Replace image feature.


What is Replace image function
The Replace image limitation on per plan

What is Replace image function

With Replace image, you could replace banner images on any product, collection or other pages like Blogs to have their local versions in target languages on your website.

Please be advised that the function will not translate the text on any image but you need to prepare the image in target versions beforehand then use Replace image function to upload those prepared images to the target language version.

The Replace image limitation on per plan

Please be noticed that there are some page type limitations on per plan to use Replace image. Please click here to learn more.

Replace image for PRODUCT and COLLECTION at least in GROWTH plan and higher.
Replace image for OTHER PAGE is available from PREMIUM and higher.

For Product Pages and Collection Pages, Transcy will auto-inspect elements of media (images/banners), and you just need to replace image for any product/collection you want to have their local versions in target languages. Please take a look at this article for more information

For other pages such as Homepage, similarly you just need to replace image to have local versions for target languages. Just a few simple steps as this article will help you make it work easily.

Please follow the limitation on the number of page added to replace image:

GROWTH: replace image for 10 Product pages, 10 Collections pages

PREMIUM: replace image for 100 Products pages, 100 Collection pages and 100 images from Other pages/resources

ENTERPRISE: unlimited pages for each resource

CUSTOM: you can extend resource limit to get a custom plan that fits your specific needs.


- Other resources are synced directly from Shopify Files so the number of pages in-app depends on data on Shopify system

- In case, you downgrade plan, it will follow the downgraded plan limit. Please check out here for more details.

Hope you enjoy this amazing feature with our app.

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Updated on: 12/04/2024

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