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Why I cannot switch to the editable language of Portuguese?

According to Shopify's rule, there are 2 versions for the Portuguese language, including Portuguese (Brazil) and Portuguese (Portugal). Therefore, they will not be added to the same market at the same time

For example, in the Germany market, in Shopify the user previously added Portuguese (Brazil) to this market. Then the user adds Portuguese (Portugal) to the same Germany market, it will not work and a notification will appear

Following Shopify's rules, in case users add both Portuguese versions to the same market in our app that If user already had 1 Portuguese as Editable language, the user can no longer switch the remaining Portuguese version from Non-editable language to Editable. There will be popup warnings as shown when publishing/switching the language


Those below languages are not added to the same market at the same time as well

- Bulgarian - Bulgarian (Bulgaria)

- Croatian - Croatian (Croatia)

- Lithuanian - Lithuanian (Lithuania)

- Romanian - Romanian (Romania)

- Slovak - Slovak (Slovakia)

- Slovenian - Slovenian (Slovenia)

Hope those information is helpful for you

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Updated on: 08/07/2024

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