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Does Transcy offer Free trial?

In order to provide customer a quick look on how our app works with full features, we are happy to give you 7-day trial when you first install our app.
So all new users could be free to test out all outstanding functions from Basic to Enterprise without being charged before going to the final decision to stay with us and use Transcy officially.

Before the trial

User goes to the App store on Shopify --> click Add app

After installing the app successfully, redirect the user to the app. The user first sees the Choose plan screen in-app.

You can choose a monthly app charge or a yearly plan that suits the size and the stage of your business. More details on our pricing, please visit here

NOTE: User can't close the Choose plan tab if has not picked a plan yet.

User selects a paid plan to start Trial in 7 days

User needs to confirm and approve charge to complete the app installation. How much to charge depends on the user's final choice of the selected plan at the end of the Trial.

On the Approve charge notification, all important information including the date of starting 1st billing cycle and total price will be shown up so please kindly read carefully to get confirmation before doing Approve action.

During the Trial, user can change to another paid plan to continue the Trial with remaining trial days or downgrade to Free plan.


After installing the app, you start a Trial with Basic plan in 2 days, after that you change to Growth plan and continue trying this plan for the next 3 days. Today, you change to Premium plan and decide to stay in your favorite plan till the end of Trial. So the days of Trial with Premium plan will be:

The trial days left of Premium = 7 - The trial days of Basic used (2 days) - The trial days of Growth used (3 days) = 2 days

After the trial

After 7 days, based on the user's current plan, Transcy will send data to Shopify including the Price of plan that user has chosen with the Trial. Shopify will check and process the charge automatically on their end. User start using the app with their chosen plan officially and get monthly/yearly app charge according to Shopify system.


In case User reinstalls the app before 90 days from uninstalling, there will be some situations occur below:

If User has not used Trial yet, please choose a paid plan in Choose plan screen to start Trial in 7 days

If User still has some trial days left with a 7-day Trial, please choose a paid plan in Choose plan screen to continue using remaining trial days (7 days minus the trial days used before)

In case User reinstalls the app after 90 days from uninstalling, will be counted as a new User and get the Trial normally.

If you need some more help, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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