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Why can't I see SEO content of product page in app?

The reason behind is Shopify does not transfer default SEO data to our app so you need to do some steps below to sync default SEO data to our app first.

Sync SEO content:

Go to Shopify admin --> All Products --> search your product which you want to sync SEO in product page --> scroll down to Search engine listing preview --> Edit Website SEO

Compose or edit something in Page title then click on Save button, as a result the SEO title in that product page will be synced to the app

Also, please do the same above step, just edit some things in Description and click on Save button then the SEO description in that product page will be synced to the app

After done sync, go back to the app, you can find and translate SEO title & description of product page normally.

Please be advised that you can only translate and manage SEO translation for Advance language type.

Due to this issue of Shopify, in some cases, although you had composed default SEO in Shopify as well as translated SEO content in the app for a long time ago but now you can't find those SEO sections in the app. Don't worry. In this case, your previous SEO translation and contents are still saved on Shopify system and Google, only SEO section is not shown in the app.
To show SEO content in app, please kindly follow the above steps to sync default data from Shopify to the app.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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