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Does Transcy translate Payment checkout page?

Simply, you could translate Checkout page in the app easily by going to Translation --> Manage translation --> Themes --> Theme content --> Checkout & system


- Please be advised that the checkout page can't be translated by Basic language due to some technical limits of this language source, so you should change your language type from Basic to Advance, please refer to this article how to do it

- Not most of themes are able to work well with Transcy to translate the checkout page. Therefore, in some special cases, even you have translated the Checkout page in Manage translation but when customers add order to cart and routed to the checkout page, immediately it will be redirected to the default language on checkout page. This is a known-issue and might be because your theme has been customized or getting some conflicts with other apps so it does not work. If you're in this case, please feel free to contact us to investigate the root cause deeper, also give you a suitable solution or advice.

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Updated on: 07/05/2024

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