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How to set up Localization

From now on, we gather all language and currency settings into a brand-new menu called Localization which can help you configure Transcy app with languages and currencies that have been set in Shopify market and make it worked properly on store-front.


How to set up Localization
How to manage language and currency on store-front

How to set up Localization

- After you set up market properly in Shopify then you can go to Localization menu in-app to assign target language and currency for each market to map your market setting in Shopify. By doing that, you can configure Transcy app to make language and currency worked perfectly with Shopify market.

Transcy app >> Localization

- On the left-panel, it shows all active and inactive markets (including Primary market). And on the right-panel, it shows the Language and Currency table that you need to set up. From here, you can add and specify target languages and currencies for each of your markets in the app and show them accordingly on switcher.


Click on a specific market >> tap Add languages button >> it will list target languages including:

a. Added to this market: Target languages (Advanced language) which are added previously in this Market from Shopify so they'll be synced to the app automatically and target languages which you assigned to this market

b. Not added to this market: Target languages (Advanced, Basic language) which are added in the app but not yet assigned to this Market so you can assign these languages to the market OR you can add more other target language to market by tapping the + Add more languages button

If you tap + Add more languages button >> show the popup to select target languages >> Add and publish target languages to the selected Market.

(*) By default, selected target languages are defined as Basic language type. But please note that only Advanced languages are configurable with Shopify Market, so please double check your target language type to consider switching to Advanced languages or upgrading to a higher plan if Advanced languages are not available in your current plan.


Similarly to add target currency to market:

Click on a specific market >> tap Add currencies button >> it will list target currencies including:

a. Added to this market: Currencies that have been added and synced from this market in Shopify to the app + target currencies are assigned to this market

b. Not added to this market: Currencies which are added in the app but not yet assigned to this Market so you can assign these currencies to the market OR you can add more other target currencies to market by tapping the + Add more currencies button

If you tap + Add more currencies button >> show the popup to select target currencies >> Add and publish target currencies to the selected Market.

In case you set Primary domain only option for a country/ region market, it means this market will share the same domain and settings with Primary market, to add or remove languages and currencies for this market, please return to Primary market to do action or select subfolders or domains/subdomains option for this market in Manage domains.

Example: You set Vietnam market with the "Primary domain" option, it means it will use Primary market configuration including all domains and languages from primary market for Vietnam market.

Because of that it will show the notification like below if you tap Add languages button on Vietnam market in Localization menu.

- After adding target language and currency to market, you can hit Manage button to customize how languages and currencies displayed on store-front, check below for more details.

How to manage language and currency on store-front

- After setting up Localization correctly, you need to publish target language, currency on switcher and manage related settings in order to display target language, currency perfectly on store.

- From here, it has 2 tabs including Language and Currency so you can switch between them to manage language and currency separately.


- In Language tab, showing all added target languages, just turn ON the button to publish target language on switcher.

Kindly note that Basic language will be translated by AI so just publish Basic language to get store automatically translated without any other action. For Advanced language, after publishing, please go to Manage translation in app to get whole store translated completely.

- Beside that, you can do actions like Remove, Switch language type, Enable/Disable Third-party app function by clicking on a specific language or bulk select many languages at once, there will be an action list like this.

In case you choose to unpublish or remove a language which is the default language of some markets, please kindly go to Shopify market do this action directly. More details, please check out here.

- Hover on a specific target language --> Pencil button --> you can customize Language name (English name, Short name, Native name) and flags as your wish for each target language, click here to learn more.



In Currency tab, at the beginning, you need to set up currency code in order to make all currency configuration worked properly and able to convert price on your store from default currency to target currency, check out here for more details.

After setting code completely, you can publish target currency on switcher and do the same customization like Language, check out here to learn more how to customize the currency display on switcher.

You can do actions like Publish/Unpublish, Remove target currencies

Similarly, in case you unpublish or remove the default market currency of specific markets, you cannot unpublish/remove default market currency in the app but can only change default market currency directly from Shopify. Learn more here.

In addition, you can adjust currency format and edit exchange rate by yourself, kindly refer to this article for more details.

Last but not least, please ensure that Transcy switcher is also set up so vistors can see the target language translation and converted price in target currency by changing language/currency on switcher.

In case you're using Shopify market and Shopify payment, please kindly have a read on this article for more better understanding to convert target currency at the checkout page.


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Updated on: 11/04/2024

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