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What content does Transcy translate for Payment Gateway Page?

In some case, you want to translate content of Payment Gateway. Please be advised that Transcy only support to translate the name of payment methods such as Cash on delivery, Credit Card, Paypal, Bogus, etc.

You could set up and find those methods in Shopify Settings

Since all payment methods are managed directly by Shopify system so at the moment we can't intervene inside contents of these methods on their system. So that's why you will see Transcy can only translate the name of these methods on the checkout page, and you can only change these methods directly in Shopify.

Also, you can't change or update additional details or fields inside these payment methods and its translation in Transcy.

For example:

Your default language is English and your payment method is COD so you will find the name of this method in Payment resource in app.

Go to Translation --> Manage translation --> Payment

Or go to inside the Payment to view the Payment gateway content then click on Translate button to translate --> Save

Please be noticed that the additional detailed contents inside payment method can't be edited in the app since these are "Additional" vs "instructions" fields and controlled by Shopify. You could only change and edit these fields as below in Shopify.


Sorry this inconvenience but don't worry. We've been trying to research and manage the translation for payment methods better in the near improvement. Then will keep you updated asap.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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