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Why does my embedded switcher back to floating format after changing theme?

This is not an issue from app. Please be advised that after changing theme to a new one, the switcher will be set as floating by default, if you want Embed mode, you need to embed switcher on your new theme by the following way:

Case 1: Your new theme is in our supported list, you can feel free to get back to app >> Switcher menu >> Advanced >> Switcher sub-tab >> Position >> Choose Embedded in the page header (make sure to check right device) >> Save

=> As a result, your switcher will be embedded on header as you want on new theme

Case 2: Your new theme is out of our supported list that means its name is different to our supported theme name, or you might have renamed before so our app can't recognize and embed. In this case, you might see this message in Switcher setting

But no worries, you can follow steps below to embed switcher on your new theme yourself easily

Go back to Shopify admin >> Online store >> Themes >> tap 3 dots icon >> Rename

Add "TC" after your original theme name >> Save

Then, your switcher will be embedded on your new theme

If you can't make it work, please don't hesitate to contact our CS team via live chat or email us at then we will check and embed it for you.

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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