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How can I manage language translation in app

On the manage translation, you can translate all resources into target languages by translating by Google, editing translation manually and deleting the translation as well


- Translate/Delete resources into target languages
- How default content is synced to app


- There are given resources in the column "Resource name". To translate it, please press the button "Translate" or click on the three dots "..." to delete translation

- There're 4 options including:

+ Translate by Google: the page will be automatically translated by AI translation
+ Translate by DeepL: if you used this service and want to enable on Transcy app, please go Account => Localization settings => Language settings => Insert your DeepL API Key

+ Hire Expert Translator: the page will be translated human translate service
+ Reviews Translation: translated page will be reviewed by human translate service

Note: for product page, you can select what elements to translate as well as delete

- Your store already has full translation in target languages but in some cases you need to find its sub-resources and edit its translation manually to update new translation, please click on the needed resource type. For more details can be found here


- What you change/edit on default content, it will be automatically synced to our app

Synced Real - Time

- For 3 resources including Product, Collections and Transcy Integrations, their default content will be automatically synced real time. In other word, if you have any changes from their default content, they will be synced immediately to our app.

Synced Daily

- For the rest of resources, if you enable the function "Daily", it means you have any changes from their default content, they will be synced to our app at a certain time within a day and you will get notification on "New Updates" section, then click on "View details" to know what elements need to be updated translation.

- In case you turn off "Daily" function, your updated content will not be synced to our app, but you can click on the button "Check now", if there's any change from their default content, you also get notification on "New Updates" section.


- How to edit translation manually

- Understand translation statuses in app

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Updated on: 12/04/2024

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